Balochistan National Party

Balochistan National Party

The Balochistan National Party is a political party in Balochistan, Pakistan. BNP believes on national right of self-determination of people of Balochistan through peaceful and democratic struggle.

Sardar Attahullah mengal is Chief of BNP and Party has popular support in Balochistan province. Sardar Attahullah was first elected Chief Minister of Balochistan province in 1972, but soon after pro-people reforms and ideas , Punjabi dominated Pakistan military overthrow Mengal Government and sent troops to eliminate political leaders and get control of Balochistan resources.

Sardar Mengal along with Nawab Marri and political leaders of Balochistan sent to Jail. After spending four years in Jail Mr Mengal went to exile and returned in 1996 and again revived the Party which sweep the 1997 election in Balochistan province despite Pakistan military and intelligence agencies oppossition, his son Akhter Mengal swworn as Chief minister of Balochistan province.41802222_balochmengal.jpg

On 28th May 1998, Pakistan military tested its nuclear bomb in Balochistan with out taking in to confidence to Balochistan government and BNP who opposed the test on Baloch soil.

After one month of nuclear test and opposition, Pakistan intelligence agencies succeeded to create rift and differences with in Party and Syed Eshan Shah and Israrullah Zehri members/ministers of BNP was paid Rupees 80 Million by agencies to change the loyalty of members of provincial assembly.

After creating division and rift federal government installed new pro-Punjabi regime in Balochistan in August 1998.

In 2002 election BNP members have been bared to take part in election freely, which allowed pro-military religious alliance MMA to win all moderate and nationalist constituencies in Balochistan.

Presently BNP has two members in National parliament and two in provincial.

Saradar Akhter mengal is president and party has central cabinet and central committee comprised on 44 members from all over Balochistan.

BNP believes on secular, and nationalist ideas and party struggle is focused on politico-economic autonomy for Balochistan. Party also believes on Non-Nuclearizationa and De-Militarization of Balochistan region which is presently testing and nuclear developing site of Pakistan military.


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